Our goals

The tool- and mold-making work group is a supra-regional cooperation network for companies of the whole sector of tool- and mold-making. The members meet three times a year. Within lectures and company tours varying topics are discussed. Each member can suggest new topics.  The range of topics includes:

  • rapid tooling
  • simulation in mold-making
  • new materials
  • CAD/CAM-chain
  • offer calculation
  • controlling
  • expanded business models
  • e-business within tool- and mold-making
  • employee recruitment and motivation

The aim of the work group is to encourage the exchange between tool- and mold-making companies and research facilities. During the work group meetings they share their current technological or organizational issues with each other and come up with a solution together. 

The network opens doors to new and enriching possibilities: the knowledge about tool- and mold-making is shared whilst valuable contacts and cooperations can be established or intensified. The members are able to cope with future challenges because the work group supports them with the latest results from research in tool- and mold-making and, therefore, their innovation capacity will be strengthened for a long-term competitiveness. 

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